Kulcha-Pocket: An Awesomeness In Rural Punjab

Came across this street-food in the rural areas of Punjab and simply loved the way it is done! This is basically ‘chhola-kulcha’, albeit with a difference. Chholey is stuffed inside the kulcha and then the combo is relished.

Here, the vendor is preparing the chholey-stuffing (customized, as per your needs). He mixes the boiled chholey with onion, spices, chilly and lemon juice.

chholey kulchey
Once the stuffing is prepared, the kulcha is slit open.

kulcha pocket
And the stuffing is filled inside the kulcha.

filled kulcha
Some more….!

pocket kulcha2

The awesomeness is now ready to be enjoyed!! Sluurrpp!
Happy hogging!


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5 thoughts on “Kulcha-Pocket: An Awesomeness In Rural Punjab

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  2. Wow that’s interesting! Never heard of this before.


  3. Mooh mein paani aa gaya Divya!!


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